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Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

Breathe New Life Into Your Jewelry

Bring your cherished pieces to Elegant Treasures Fine Jewelry, and our expert jewelers will restore their beauty.

Jewelry Repair Performed by Experts

Has your favorite ring gotten too big or too small? Are the gems in your engagement ring loose? Or perhaps your chain necklace has a broken link.

Even with regular care and maintenance, jewelry can become damaged. Regular wear-and-tear, swimming in chlorinated pools, and even beauty products like lotion and hairspray can cause jewelry to lose its luster. The finish may erode or become scratched, and gemstones may lose their polish.

Thankfully, most types of jewelry damage are reversible. The team of expert jewelers at Elegant Treasures Fine Jewelry will evaluate your pieces to determine what needs to be done to restore their original beauty and functionality.

Our services include:

Contact Us for an Estimate

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible service. Contact us to book an appointment, and we’ll assess your jewelry and provide you with a repair estimate at no cost- call us at 636-359-6011 or (636) 359-2845.

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